Recent Submissions

  • Tributaries: Spring 2010 

    Wofford-Tyler, Elsbeth; Frazier, Robert; Craig, Geoffrey; Tricaro, Robert Collet; Trejo, Jose; Harrell, Stephanie; Gregory, Lizzy; Harmon, Lauren; Hasan, Rabiul; Jesse, Jerred; Lowery, Rebecca; Tisdel, Patrick; Kirkland, Cindy; Mathews, Marsha; Crowder, Regis; Tayler, Corey; Swilling, Ashlee; Edwards, Meredith; Mason, Nancy; Willis, Samantha; Brown, Aric; Johnson, Kristen Ray; Ingle, Alex; Marchmon, Jeremy; Delgado, Rigoberto; Phillips, Tina; Tisdel, Patrick Editor-in-Chief; Dean, Kayla Associate Editor; Henderson, Rayah Associate Editor; Jasso, Jane Associate Editor; McLemore, Lacey Associate Editor; Wiersma, Stephanie Associate Editor; Wyatt, Whitney Associate Editor (Dalton State College, 2010)
    Tributaries is a “collection of artwork. [The pages are filled with] poetry, prose and visual art accumulated from the pens, keyboards and brushes of our local and extended family of artists.” –Patrick Tisdel, Editor-in-Chief ...